Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy Week So Far

Well, you saw the title. Worked at the shop on Mon and Tues evenings. Took Lizzie to lunch at Artisan Grille for her birthday yesterday. Hailey slept over last night, she had a tubby in the big tub, (man was she dirty), slept for a little while with Grandma, very sweet. I had an early call from Lizzie this morning, Ike has pinkeye. So, Hailey and I went to their house early this morning. Hailey DID NOT want to go home, she kept saying "stop the car". It was darling. We had a fun and gooey day with Ike on his birthday. I went with Lizzie to Ike's 1 year appt. He was so cute and sweet. The we all went to Texas Roadhouse for Ike's birthday dinner. It was a fun day. Oh, and thanks Jason for mowing the lawn. It looks great!

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