Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

Wow, I haven't blogged for so long and so much has happened. Let's see... I watched Ikey last week due to his having pinkeye. Gross. The he had a bad ear infection and I slept over at their house one night. Hal came into town last Saturday. Big April birthday party at Lisa's on Sunday but Ike had to miss his first b-day due to being sick. Ruby died on Wednesday morning, she was very old, 17 or 18. It was very sad. We buried her in Lisa's backyard. We got a new dog for Dad today, Elwood. He's about 8 yrs old. Part Llasa . Scruffy but cute. Dad loved him up, took him for a walk, laid down and took a nap. When he woke up he called Lisa, "There's a little black and white dog here, do you know about him? And where's Ruby?" We had to laugh. Elwood went out to the potty and ran away from me, when I picked him up he bit me. OWWW! Then came in a did a HUGE barf on the carpet! Lisa should be sleeping over tonight! More soon....

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