Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Many Days Off.

The weather in MN has been beautiful the last few days. Very difficult to get any sewing done. I'm almost finished with Sophia's birthday quilt, but I have to give my hand a rest from all the snipping. I am working on a darling Pink Fig dress for Sophia. Just need to try it on her, I think it may be too big around her, as she is a skinny-minny. Apparently Abby started walking up a storm this evening, I totally missed it. I'll be back in UT on Sunday afternoon, will miss the kids here in MN. Oh, yesterday I did make a trip to Stillwater to my fave store Rose Mille, its full of vintagey goodness and glittery fun. I love it. Also, visited a few quilt shops, and have a mess of fabric to ship to UT. More later...

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