Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy Week So Far

Well, you saw the title. Worked at the shop on Mon and Tues evenings. Took Lizzie to lunch at Artisan Grille for her birthday yesterday. Hailey slept over last night, she had a tubby in the big tub, (man was she dirty), slept for a little while with Grandma, very sweet. I had an early call from Lizzie this morning, Ike has pinkeye. So, Hailey and I went to their house early this morning. Hailey DID NOT want to go home, she kept saying "stop the car". It was darling. We had a fun and gooey day with Ike on his birthday. I went with Lizzie to Ike's 1 year appt. He was so cute and sweet. The we all went to Texas Roadhouse for Ike's birthday dinner. It was a fun day. Oh, and thanks Jason for mowing the lawn. It looks great!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Flew in early this afternoon and drove straight to Lizzie's, I've been missing those babies. No car trouble at the airport like last time. Smooth sailing. Ike is saying uh-oh like there is no tomorrow, he is darling and his hair is getting redder and redder. Hailey June totally ignored me for the new kitten. (Not that I blame her). I did get some hugs and kisses and a ride in the car with her. Alls well here at Dad's house. Beautiful weather, flowers blooming and weeds growing. Will try to get some weeding done tomorrow. I'm sure the neighbors hate looking at them. I want to plant a clematis and Japanese maple next to the porch. I think it will look really pretty. I need to get the rocks out first though. Goodnight!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

1st Birthday Party!

We had a blast at Abby's birthday party this afternoon. The birthday girl was in her glory wearing her pink tutu and sparkly t-shirt. MANY gifts were received and loved by Miss Abby Girl. Sophia Belle was also adorable in her little summer outfit. She sang "Happy Birthday" to Abby. It was darling. The dress fits Sophia well and she looked darling in it. Maybe one of the girls will post some pictures for me. I should be packing at this very moment instead of typing. Early flight tomorrow morning. I'll miss my Hal and my kids here. Back to the real world!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Night in MN

Had a lovely date tonight with Hal, we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's in Stillwater. Very nice, although we did go early with all the oldsters and families. Stopped at Sarah and Nate's to pick up some chairs to take to Abby's birthday party tomorrow. Came home and Hal made his wonderful salsa, while I put the buttonholes on Sophia's new dress, hopefully it will fit without much adjustment. I can't wait to see her in it. I will really miss my MN girlies when I go back to UT.

Sophia's Dress

Thought I post a picture of the dress I made in MN for Sophia Belle. I also made some cute pincushions.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Many Days Off.

The weather in MN has been beautiful the last few days. Very difficult to get any sewing done. I'm almost finished with Sophia's birthday quilt, but I have to give my hand a rest from all the snipping. I am working on a darling Pink Fig dress for Sophia. Just need to try it on her, I think it may be too big around her, as she is a skinny-minny. Apparently Abby started walking up a storm this evening, I totally missed it. I'll be back in UT on Sunday afternoon, will miss the kids here in MN. Oh, yesterday I did make a trip to Stillwater to my fave store Rose Mille, its full of vintagey goodness and glittery fun. I love it. Also, visited a few quilt shops, and have a mess of fabric to ship to UT. More later...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun with the girls!

Last night I had supper with Hal, Katie and Sophia Belle. Great Chili dinner made by Hal and we colored Easter eggs. I think maybe the adults had more fun than Sophia. AAh! the lovely smell of vinegar. This morning I went with Sarah and Abby up to Anoka for baby pictures. Even though Abby wasn't feeling well, she still performed for the camera. I'm sure they will be adorable. Ready to start sewing Sophia's quilt tonight. Picked up a bunch of orange fabrics for a boy baby quilt, fun!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Minnesota Monday!

I arrived in MN on Saturday morning on an early am flight from Salt Lake. It was snowing in UT when I left and the plane had to be deiced. We woke up yesterday morning to about and inch of snow on the ground, but it rapidly melted. Hal and I went over to visit Hal, Katie, and Sophia yesterday morning. She kills me, talking (and singing) like mad. What a doll!! I'm starting a twin size quilt for Sophia with Amy Butler and Lila Tueller fabrics. It will be darling. All pinks, blues, and yellows! I am awaiting Abby girl to wake up from her nap, I haven't seen her yet. Hopefully will visit some quilt shops today! More later!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Life: Babies, Quilts, and Alzheimer's

Well, this is probably not the best time to be starting a blog. It will probably be hit and miss for a while. I travel back and forth between Utah and Minnesota about every other month. I live most of the time in UT with my dad, Bob, who has Alzheimer's. My husband, and two oldest children and their families live in MN. My youngest and her family live in UT. I love to make rag quilts for babies, (especially my own), & I work for my sister at her shop, Dinner's Ready. (Very fun and full of hilarity). I'm an RN and worked in long-term care with the elderly for 9 years in MN. Loved it. I miss my oldsters. More later, I need to pack for MN.